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Clear division of tasks

When a whole team is responsible for customer service, tasks must be clearly divided. Otherwise, you risk that some requests will remain unanswered since no one knows who is supposed to deal with them. Moreover, if several employees have access to the same mailbox, they all can respond to a given message at the same time. This could severely hinder communication and result in customer confusion.

Responer will help you avoid this type of problematic situations. You will assign any new thread to a person (or a group) in one click. It will enable them to respond quickly and regularly.

Also, remember that if you use more than one email account with one Responer account, you can give your employees different access and authorization. They may have access only to selected accounts, or to all the accounts. You can also create various groups of employees, for example "support" or "settlement and accounting", depending on what works better in your company: assigning tasks to specific people or to groups/teams.

Clear division of tasks

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