Customer relationship management and full customer service suite

All e-mails in one convenient place

You lose customers because their messages got lost and they didn’t hear back from you? Responer will allow you to control the disorder in the company account. Responer groups client inquiries in threads. As a result, you see the whole history of correspondence between the customer and your employees in one view.

Each client inquiry gets its reference number which allows your employees to access the thread quickly, identify and solve their problem. Responer does not require your client to do anything more than usual – sending a plain email is enough.

All e-mails in one convenient place

Threads can have various statuses. Statuses in Responer act as drawers which store conversation data. As a result, you see immediately whether the communication flow within your company runs smoothly and where a possible blockage is being formed.

  • New - the newest messages in the system for which no matching filters have been found yet and which are not assigned yet to any user or group
  • Assigned - threads on which work is currently in progress, each of them has its own assigned operator
  • To be sent - the reply to the client has already been written, the last chance to make any alterations
  • Awaiting information - you need additional information from the client
  • Executed - problem solved, subject closed, you anticipate the conversation end
  • Closed - archive of threads, all the past communication
  • Spam - all the trash messages you will not be dealing with

Need more drawers? No problem – you can easily and conveniently create new folders to store messages.

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