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Smooth internal communication = happy customers

Customer dissatisfaction is mainly caused by having to wait a long time for an answer, lack of response whatsoever or by receiving the answer not addressing the issue or coming from the wrong person. Such situations arise from poorly organized communication within the company. Problems occur especially when finding a rapid solution to the customer’s problem requires an intervention of several employees.

Fortunately, there is Responer that improves communication by letting you leave your colleague an internal note, visible only within the company. Therefore, there is no risk that a customer accidentally receives the note with the answer.

Smooth internal communication

How else notes can help in a daily customer service?

Let’s assume your client asks about the availability of product X in your store and you cannot access stocks at the moment. What can you do? Simply add an internal note to the correspondence and assign it to a team member who can check whether the product X is in stock.

You can additionally place such thread in the "Questions to the warehouse" folder so that the person responsible for it reacts quickly. After checking stock availability, the employee will add another note saying, ex. "We have 2 pieces, product can be sent". This way, in a short time, you receive a reliable news that you can gladly share with your client.

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