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91% of customers leave due to poor customer service

How to make your clients stay? Improve their customer service satisfaction!
Get help from Responer - a simple system to handle customer requests in a small company.

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Responer was created by MSERWIS which gained trust of such companies as:

Now we've created Responer - perfect tool for small and medium-sized enterprises

E-mail redefined

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Common mailbox is not enough

You get the more and more inquiries from clients and it is increasingly difficult for your team to ensure good customer service using a common mailbox.

Helpdesk is wasting your time

A typical helpdesk system has thousands of features you will never use. Plus, it is so complex that you spend more time on learning it than on working on your business.

What about email on steroids?

We have a perfect solution. Responer, a simple to use system as convenient as e-mail while at the same time giving you the possibilities of an extended helpdesk system.

Easy to use!

All e-mails in one convenient place

Stop losing customers because they didn’t hear back from you. Responer displays all inquiries on one simple list. Plus, it groups them in threads allowing you to quickly react to any request. From now on, no e-mail will ever get lost or be left unanswered.

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Clear division of tasks

Do not make your client wait for a response and avoid sending duplicate responses from a few employees. In one click, assign the inquiry to the person or group that has to deal with a given task.

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Saving time

Stop wasting your time on searching for messages. The search engine is the heart of the system - it will quickly search through the tens of thousands of e-mails to find that one important message. We know how important the efficiency of the system is in daily work!

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Increased productivity

Increase employee productivity thanks to response templates. Customers keep asking you the same or similar questions? Prepare your response templates once and use them with one click when replying to client emails.

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Smooth internal communication

Customer's question requires an internal consultation? Leave a note visible only within the company. Internal communication is intertwined with communication with the client, so you are always up to date when solving a problem.

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Well-organized mailbox

Automatically sort messages to make them fall into the appropriate folder or status - split them into groups of clients, system messages, e-mails from suppliers. You can easily get rid of spam and focus on the most important - your customers!

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Great customer service - no ticket system required

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More loyal customers

The more your customers will be satisfied with the speed and quality of your response, the greater the chance they will return and buy more. Providing high quality customer service, it will be much easier for you to keep regular customers.

Your e-mails are safe

Choose which way of implementing Responer is the most convenient for you. Integrate your existing mailbox or redirect messages to the e-mail address that has been created for you.

Emails arriving in Responer are on your server, so you may go back to serving customers through traditional e-mail at any time (although we can’t imagine you will ever want to go back!) More about integration

Great customer service from any place

We know how important it is to respond to customers in a timely manner. Therefore, Responer is always at hand - you can use it on your laptop, tablet or your phone. Regardless of time and place, you can always keep your finger on the pulse and provide excellent customer service.

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