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Mailbox integration with Responer

All Responer needs is access to your email account. How it works can be compared to a mail program, whose set-up also requires access to your email account. Here, however, you get a tool particularly designed for team work and efficient customer service.

It’s up to you how you will integrate your company account with Responer: you can do it either by adding a new account or by redirecting your e-mails to a unique email address we automatically generate for you.

Adding new account

Log into the system. Click on the settings' icon. On the screen that appears select "manage email accounts". You will see the list of currently configured email accounts (if you have already done it) and a button to add a new email account. To add a new account you will need the following data:

  • Account name – any name that will help you identify this account in Responer,
  • E-mail address – address of this account,
  • Account login – usually the email address,
  • IMAP server address – IMAP server name for incoming mail,
  • SMTP server address – SMTP server name for outgoing mail,
  • Account password

All the information you enter will be stored securely on Responer's servers. This data is stored in its classified form and is necessary for proper operation of the system. Once created, you can delete your account any time you wish – you will keep access to all the messages in this account, but no new ones will be received and managed within the system; you will not be able to send any new messages from this account, either.

Redirecting messages

If you don’t want to integrate with Responer by adding a new account, you can redirect your messages to a unique email account that has been generated for you during registration. You will find this email address in Settings, “Account” tab.

This option gives you the possibility to decide which messages are to be redirected to your Responer account - you can redirect all incoming messages or customers’ requests only. Emails arriving in Responer stay on your server, so you may go back to serving customers through traditional e-mail at any time.

Multiple e-mail accounts

One Responer account enables you to provide customer service on a number of projects at the same time. Simply add several email accounts to the system. Responer will then receive and send messages from each of them. At any time you can switch from the view of all email accounts (those you have access to) to one selected from them.

Each operator can have access to one or more accounts. This way they will see only those conversations they are authorized to actually participate in.

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